Ethan Stahlkopf

The process of design and creating has been a peak in my interest from a young age. I have always been an overthinker one would say, but often overthinking is what leads to new ideas being brought to life. Over time, my admiration of creativity turned into myself trying to find my own place in creating. This process of trial and error is what I eventually began to love and admire the most. Being able to turn ideas into physical works for everyone to view is what drives me to keep progressing every day.

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You will be introduced to the range of opportunities in this field: design of print-generated and computer-generated graphics for books, newspapers, magazines, web applications and marketing materials; and additional design applications for point-of-purchase, packaging and outdoor advertising.

Today’s digital world reduces the geographic limits for finding clients. Employers include advertising agencies, corporations and nonprofit groups.

You can earn the Production Artist technical diploma on the way to completing the Graphic Design associate degree.


  • Art Director
  • Digital Media Specialist
  • Graphic Artist/Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Imaging Specialist
  • Layout Artist
  • Prepress Technician
  • Production Artist