Xai Thao

Hello, my name is Xai Thao. Ntxhais is my Hmong name given by my grandma. In Hmong, it means a daughter or a girl. In my culture it would be the name my spirit has chosen. Ntxhais Photography is focused on portraiture, fashion, and lifestyle. Most of my imagery is photographed in natural light and shows a bright, soft, colorful and feminine theme. Getting inspiration from others helps keep me going and deepens my love for photography. I hope that I’ll be able to inspire you through my photographs in that same way.

Xai Thao Headshot
XAI THAO Sample 2




Use professional equipment and methods to master the skills necessary for this highly visual, creative and exacting profession. MATC’s laboratory/studio areas have state-of-the-art traditional and digital cameras, lighting, processing and finishing equipment. Program requirements include an internship for real-world experience.

Photographers work in advertising, photojournalism, and industrial and portrait photography. Employment opportunities also include equipment sales.

You can earn the Digital Imaging technical diploma on the way to completing the Photography associate degree.


  • Digital Media Technician
  • Digital Output Specialist
  • Photographer
  • Photojournalist
  • Wedding/Portrait Photographer