Zachary Luke

Zach Luke grew up in a military family and spent his childhood years overseas in Japan learning about and absorbing the different culture. Once he returned he moved to Yuma, Arizona and graduated from Gila Ridge High School.  After High School he moved with his family to the Greater Milwaukee area where he started college at MATC and discovered the Web & Digital Media program. Working through this program Zach has learned a great deal about web development. In his last semester of the program, Zach found a full-time job as an Entry-Level Front-End Web Developer, and found a great way to begin his career in web development.

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MATC’s coursework in interface design, responsive web design, user experience, and website development through coding with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP/MySQL, etc., offer a comprehensive background in web design and front-end web development.

Skills in web design, front-end web development and user experience are in demand and are projected to grow in the next decade.

You can earn the Front-End Web Developer technical diploma on the way to completing the Web & Digital Media associate degree at MATC.


  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Front-End Web Developer
  • Junior Web Developer
  • UX Designer
  • UX Developer
  • Interface Designer
  • Interface Developer


Upon completion of specified coursework, students may be eligible for the following digital badge(s):

Web Dev Badge
User Experience Badge