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Najma Abdi

My name is Najma Abdi and I am a web designer in hopes of becoming a professional ux/ui designer. based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My love for art and design inspired me to choose my major, and I’m now working toward being an ux designer. I completely shifted my career path from dental hygiene to web design, which was a huge step for me. However, it has broadened my academic interests and rekindled my enthusiasm for learning. I’ve been improving my skills in photoshop, adobe xd, illustrator, and html over the course of this year. I keep improving my ux/ui talents. To broaden my experience, I am currently working with Fanana Banana, an art organization as an intern. I intend to do another internship that will give me practical experience and crucial technology skills the following year.


MATC’s coursework in interface design, responsive web design, user experience, and website development through coding with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP/MySQL, etc., offer a comprehensive background in web design and front-end web development.

Skills in web design, front-end web development and user experience are in demand and are projected to grow in the next decade.

You can earn the Front-End Web Developer technical diploma on the way to completing the Web & Digital Media associate degree at MATC.


  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Front-End Web Developer
  • Junior Web Developer
  • UX Designer
  • UX Developer
  • Interface Designer
  • Interface Developer


Upon completion of specified coursework, students may be eligible for the following digital badge(s):

Web Dev Badge
User Experience Badge