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Madison Smith

Ever since I was little I have been playing games and creating artwork of all shapes and sizes. I remember the first time I got into my first ever MMO video game. I was in such awe and I knew that I wanted to create that moment for other people. I am currently working towards getting a bachelor’s degree in game design and/or game art. So far I have worked in Unity 3d and 2d, as well as Photoshop. I love creating artwork and designing games. I live for the player experience and the creativity.

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Prepare for a career in animation and gaming, plus attain skills transferable to other industries such as computer programming, multimedia development and film production. Students have opportunities to focus on game design or programming.

Testers, designers and producers are in demand as the use of this technology increases rapidly. New games are continually in production, and computer simulations are used as educational and training tools in schools and businesses.

You can earn the Unity Developer technical diploma on the way to completing the Computer Simulation & Gaming associate degree.


  • Game Designer
  • Game Programmer
  • Producer