Kilam Fearen

I’ve taken the road down of becoming a game designer. Growing up in Wisconsin, Milwaukee, I was a very curious kid. Just watching the world go by and experiencing changes. The moment I saw my sister playing a Game Boy Advance beat-em up based on a TV-show I became interested. That was the very first moment I got into gaming then later in life went deeper into it. I eventually think about getting a degree based on the development the game went through back in the day. Right after I completed high school, I moved on to MATC just to take CSG classes to prepare myself for a future place in a game industry.

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Prepare for a career in animation and gaming, plus attain skills transferable to other industries such as computer programming, multimedia development and film production. Students have opportunities to focus on game design or programming.

Testers, designers and producers are in demand as the use of this technology increases rapidly. New games are continually in production, and computer simulations are used as educational and training tools in schools and businesses.

You can earn the Unity Developer technical diploma on the way to completing the Computer Simulation & Gaming associate degree.


  • Game Designer
  • Game Programmer
  • Producer